Pictured is Bob and Shelly Chikowski and family who came out for a ride on the Fox River Wednesday, June 17th.  The lock had repairs completed and tested for full operation for the coming weekend.

Berlin Boat Club opens Eureka Lock for the Season

by Krista Sobieski, Berlin Journal
and Ron Harke, Rear Commodore, BBC


The Eureka Lock opened for the season on Saturday, May 16, a day filled with sunny weather and perfect for those looking to get out and enjoy the area.  There were many visitors to take in the history of the lock and enjoy fishing and exploring.
Though no boats passed through the lock on opening day, a slow wake warning in Winnebago County, which was just lifed, may have played a role.  Berlin Boat Club member Ron Harke also noted that the challenge for boaters to find fuel along the route is becoming a greater problem each year, but as summer gets closer and more businesses continue opening up following the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an expectation that boat traffic will continue to increase.
The Eureka Dam Campgrounds next to the Eureka Lock is open and fully operational and on Saturday, many visitors from all over the area including Berlin, Omro, Ripon and Oshkosh, were enjoying the day.  Everyone is reminded that the Eureka Lock is now open and volunteer lock tenders are available to assist those wanting to pass through the lock.

Friends with one WHite Bass, from Oshkosh Area are enjoing a day out for some fishing.  Nice fish and interested in coming back for a bigger catch.

Friends from Oshkosh area are enjoying a day out and trying their luck catching a nice White Bass.  They are interested in coming back for a bigger catch.


Ian Lemke and Justus Goldapahe from Oshkosh.  Both have family ties to the Eureka area.  Visiting the Eureka Dam Campground, they talked a lot about finding the biggest garden snake they had ever seen on the the Island.




Sandra Cartmill, a board member and volunteer at the lock, is cleaning the restroom for guests.  Ladies are always welcome to help make the lock look better and to train to be lock tender.




A returning family enjoys their fishing trip and new found friends.  Exploring the area and bringing back a nice pale of fish.  Looking forward to a fish fry for all.




Young boy showing off his skills with what NOT to do.  Casting up in the trees, with bait in the water and a fish on.  Good learning experience.  Everyone, seasoned or not have had this happen one time or another. LOL!




Showing off a trophy Bluegill, this family from Oshkosh was masked up and ready for the day.  They all enjoyed a day out together especially some place other than in the house.

This Memorial Day weekend, the Club will be remembering our Veterans with flags out on the lock grounds.  This will remind everyone that it was Veterans from WWII who came home in the 1950's and took on the rebuilding and preserving the Eureka Lock for the public to enjoy.  This same group built Riverside Park, campgrounds, boat launch and the park as we know it today.  We all should never forget those people who made it happen, the "We Can Do It Spirit" of all the volunteers and supporters over the years.