Berlin Boat Club (BBC)
Mission Statement

To promote and support safe boating activities on the upper Fox River; to provide for maintenance and operation of the Eureka Lock and associated facilities for recreational use by members and the general public.

Vision Statement: The BBC will be a year-round club providing services to enhance the recreational boating experience through endorsement of public education and conservation programs and preservation of the upper Fox River.   The BBC will endeavor to be a "premier Berlin, WI community organization" through participation in various community events.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Officers and Board will be open, attentive and responsive to the membership.
  2. Officers and Board will govern and manage the Club in a manner that is fiscally responsible.
  3. Maintain a continuous strategic planning process ensuring membership and involvement that best meets the vision.
  4. Support a volunteer committee structure and nurture candidates for the Board.
  5. Establish and nurture qualified reciprocal club relationships.
  6. Promote BBC endorsement of local and state boating events and encourage member participation in BBC sponsored fund-raisers and social events.
  7. Establish and maintain a core group for maintenance and operation of the Eureka Lock property.
  8. Establish a dedicated fund for future repair or reconstruction and continuing operation of the Eureka Lock.  Develop strategy to advertise and solicit donations to finance future projects.
  9. Maintain a "good neighbor" relationship within the Berlin community and other clubs to support economic growth in the area and cooperation on mutual goals.